„We believed unexpressed emotion is at the core of madness.“

Michael Cornwall

Psychotherapy literally means treatment of the soul. It is helpful when a person’s soul has gotten out of balance or has already been out of balance for a long time. Life is a constant roller-coaster, it doesn’t proceed steadily for too long. We are living beings with constantly changing emotions and sensations. Sometimes this roller-coaster and our resulting emotional states become unbearable, though – or we feel blocked and stagnate.


An important principle of psychotherapy is the free expression of your personal experience within a trustful relationship on a level playing field. Psychotherapy enables deeper access to your feelings and to your body. It promotes consciousness and enables freedom of choice as much as it asks for taking on your responsibilities. 


Short term psychotherapy consists of 10 to 25 sessions. More so than long term psychotherapy, it focuses on your present challenges and how to cope with them. It is suitable if you suffer from little chronification, if you are in a lighter state of crisis, if you already have good access to your inner world or if you’ve had psychotherapy previously. Short term psychotherapy can lead to more inner clarity and can orient your soul towards a new direction. It might bring up pathways that can be further proceeded on without support if enough resources are available – and thus lead to profound changes in your life. 


„Man, it takes a long time to sound like yourself.“ 

Miles Davis

The soul needs time, often more than we would have thought. There is no acceleration of psychological growth. Especially if you’ve been suffering from symptoms for a long time, your life circumstances are considerably unstable so that your basic needs aren’t met enough, or if you’ve got the impression that it’s the right time to turn to deeper life issues or trauma, long time support can be invaluable. Long term psychotherapy takes around one or more years. It consists of more than 25 sessions, often up to 50 or even 80 sessions. In long term psychotherapy the relationship between therapist and client will deepen so that attachment issues become more easily accessible and therefore can be changed.