„In Wirklichkeit wissen wir über die Seele noch sehr wenig. Vermutlich wissen wir mehr über Vitamine und Kalorien als darüber, was unsere Psyche braucht, um normal zu leben. Wir haben alle erlebt, wie das Wissen über Vitamine und Kalorien unsere Lebensgewohnheiten verändert hat. Warum sollten wir hinsichtlich der Seele, vorausgesetzt, wir kümmern uns ernsthaft darum, nicht auch entdecken, dass wir über sie eine Menge wissen, wenn wir ihr nur Aufmerksamkeit schenken?“

Erich Fromm

Psychotherapy is conducted within an outer structure that should enable security and trust which is the foundation for opening up to your own process. In my understanding, this structure doesn’t have to be rigid, though – it should be flexible enough to meet your individual needs. One therapy or counseling session takes 50 minutes. In psychodynamic psychotherapy ("depth psychology") usually one session is held a week. This might be suitable for you but it doesn’t have to be. We can talk about the advantages and disadvantages that might come along with your choice for a higher or lower frequency in treatment. Eventually, financial aspects may play a role as well which is understandable to me. The financial cost should stay personally bearable for you or differently expressed – therapy should serve life and not the other way round. There’s not gonna be a treatment contract, so the duration of the treatment can directly result from your process. But it does make sense to clarify the approximate duration of the process in advance (which can of course be prolonged if you wish so) as it might be consequential for the way I approach the treatment. 

Counseling and psychotherapy can be conducted on the phone or on skype which means that you don’t have to live in Berlin or be there constantly. I offer sessions in German and English. In case you didn’t grow up with neither of those languages, it’s on you to decide which language you feel more comfortable with to express yourself. Before starting psychotherapy, at least one or more testing sessions take place in which we decide to work together or not. This is however not necessary if you are planning on short term counseling. For testing sessions, it is important to listen to your gut feeling. Sympathy facilitates trust and also the personal attitudes and approach of the therapist should seem suitable for you. 

If you are unsure whether to engage in psychotherapy or not and which approach might fit your issues best, I’m happy to offer you independent counseling on that. Furthermore, you’ve got the right to get information about the therapy approach and its methods you are getting into. Questions and doubts are welcome to be expressed at any time.